You have struck it lucky with the choice of our hotel at Göynük on the Turkish riviera, where you certainly will pass nice and carefree holidays.The Turkish riviera can hardly be surpassed in its overwhelmingly beautiful landscape, and historical places. This region is an ideal one for pleasure hikers who, on the side, wish to enjoy some bathing, and cultural, activities.Hikers will start at the Matador Hotel at Kemer/Göynük. During whole day or half-day hikes of between 3 and 8 hours you can discover the landscape along the rocky coast with its little bays, ancient ruins, and small villages. Outside the peak season, we are your ideal partner for unique holidays with hiking, climbing, or nordic walking. Whether in early summer, in winter, or in autumn, hiking in the Lycic coastal area will earn you an overwhelming pleasure of its nature, relaxation, and fun.
Family and Group Hikes
– Demanding peak excursions, up to more than 2000 ms above sea level,or leisurely nordic walking tours We shall make every effort to fulfill your wishes as regards „hiking and moving“!
– We would like to assist you in planning your excursions, with optional transfer to the starting point, as well as pick-up service at your goal.
– Equipment rental: backpacks, sticks, drinking bottles.
– Culinary: Take-away of refreshments from the breakfast buffet, afternoon cakes, healthy and delicious supper. Feel free to have a look into our apartments, and readily inform yourself on the most popular hiking trails as well as the all-inclusive holiday price option convenient for your purposes.


The Göynük Canyon

Starting in the village of Göynük, a gravel road will lead you, through a wild canyon, to the Göynük Selalesi, a waterfall with a natural pool (15 kms, about 3 hrs). The hiking trail runs partly through the canyon, in some places also through the water, yet will give you no major problems. 300 ms high rock faces, and gigantic single rocks, make for the fascination of this unique natural area.
Hiking time about 4 hrs


Ancient City of Olympos

High mountains, almost impassable canyons, dense forests, and the fragrance of wild thyme, and laurel – the Olympos National Park is an extensively unspoiled mountaineous landscape, ideal for hiking, picknicking, or mountain biking. It covers the distance between Finike and Antalya, an area of 700 hectares, in the centre of which lies the massif of the Tahtali Dagi (2365 ms above sea level).
Hiking time about 5 hrs.

Undemanding trail, passing orange and pomegranate plantations, men and women doing work in the fields, our friendly „Merhaba!“ conjuring up a smile on the face of an elderly lady standing by the side of the path, with her headscarf and floral knickerbockers, her smile seeming to embrace us. On our trail, we surround the black rocks (Karatsalar), pass a light forest, and descend along an ancient cartway into a small village and nearer to the road – there, our bus awaits us to bring us back to our hotel.
Hiking time incl. Breaks about 3 hrs



Circular walk, starting in the idyllic mountain village of Gedelme. We drive, on a narrow road, through the rough and idyllic wilderness of the canyon landscape of the Kesme valley into the mountain world of the Taurus, until we reach Gedelme. From there, we wander on a lightly ascending path up to the summer village of Kuzdere (Yayla Kuzdere), enjoying changing views of the impressive mountain range, and Mount Tahtali (2366 ms) – for the most precious moments when hiking in the mountains are always the fascinating views you have been trying hard for to enjoy. From Yayla Kuzdere, we return home on a broad cartway.
Hiking time incl.breaks about 4.5 hrs.



An undemanding excursion to lonesome bays inviting for a bath, passing through a fragrant stone pine forest above the rocky coast, with marvellous views of the deep blue sea – thus, we will reach the ancient city of Phaselis, then climb the steps to the still well preserved theatre once offering space for an audience of 1,500 persons. The unique architecture will at once entice you to test its acoustics. Through the destroyed stagehouse you will have a magnificent view of Mount Tahtali with its peak being snowcapped until far into spring. We continue our way through farmlands until we reach the holiday resort of Tekirova.
Hiking time incl. breaks about 3.5 hrs


Roman Bridge

An undemanding excursion to lonesome bays inviting for a bath, passing through a fragrant stone pine forest above the rocky coast, with marvellous views of the deep blue sea – thus, we will reach the ancient city of Phaselis, then climb the steps to the still well preserved theatre once offering space for an audience of 1,500 persons. The unique architecture will at once entice you to test its acoustics. Through the destroyed stagehouse you will have a magnificent view of Mount Tahtali with its peak being snowcapped until far into spring. We continue our way through farmlands until we reach the holiday resort of Tekirova.
Hiking time incl. breaks about 3.5 hrs


Göynük Yalasi

Starting at Göynük, you will descend through shadowy stone pine forest until you reach the river. Once crossed over, without getting your feet wet, the trail runs up and down through the forest and, passing rock faces on some height, continues downwards in the bed of a dried-up brook to the canyon of Göynük.During this excursion you will enjoy the fascinating mountain world and impressive canyons with their roaring waters, running down to the coast.
Hiking time on this marvellous mountain excursion is about 8.5 hrs. including breaks.



Walking on soft forest soil, you will reach the lighthouse throneing above the southern cliff on a rock, looking out over the turquoise sea. In this spectacular place high above the Yardimic Cape you will enjoy the view of some small islands in the sea. You will wander above the steeply sloping coast, through stone pine forest and over bare rocks, with a constant view of the island of Suluada, until you reach the bay of Adrasan, encompassed by rocks, with its wide lonesome sandy beach displaying the charms of the plain and unfinished. From this beach, footpaths lead to nearby bathing bays.
Hiking time incl. breaks about 6.5 hrs.

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This excursion begins where the broad sandy beaches ascend, zigzagging upwards to a path running above the coastline, offering magnificent views of the sea; you are now within a silent world rich in minute bays with coarse brown sands. Passing between slate.-grey, jagged slopes you will reach ruined ancient mining facilities. Nowadays, the only inhabitants of this marvellous, silent bay are the workers of a fish-farming company. Their round nets swimming on the sea appear to us like
some flying saucers. The lonesome bays with their clear water invite us to take a bath. Some sharp
bends can lead you up to a ridge looking back down from where you can see the dark golden beaches of Maden and Cirali, as well as the tin coloured sea with narrow silvery stripes glittering on its surface, while its deeper currents appear as steel-grey wavy lines. Beyond, the sharp black
silhouette of the mountains is erecting against the southern sun; before us, we see the coloured hotel complexes of Tekirova looking over the gentle stone pine hills.
Hiking time including breaks about 7.5 hrs



You follow an ascending cartway, lined with many beehives, until you recognize the red-white sign of the Lycic trail, then follow this trail until you reach Kuzdere. From the first minute on this varied excursion you will enjoy a marvellous landscape with a unique panoramic view of the coast of Phaselis and the mountain silhouette of the Tahtali. The fragrant stone pine forest offers a sensual background for your hiking pleasure. You will then wander along the mountain slope and enjoy the view of the romantic bays of Camyuva up to Kemer.
Hiking time including breaks about 4 hrs.


Mountain View Panorama

Your view is on a plateau with the snowcapped mountains of the Taurus. The pure mountain air lets
you take a deep breath. The trail descends until you reach an ancient burying place and, ascending
again, you will come through a little village. You will see only few people, the village will appear
deserted, most of the houses are only inhabited during summer. Following a short ascent, the trail
broadens so you can calmly perceive this magnificent mountain panorama without having to particularly mind your steps. The hiking trail approaches a brook, where it joins the way passing
through the valley and bringing us back to the ancient graveyard.
Hiking time including breaks about 4.5 hrs.



Leaving Kemer, the ascent begins. The hiking trail runs through a forest, offering lovely views of Kemer, its marina, and the small headland with a nomadic camp. Walk a short distance uphill and you will reach a plateau welcoming you with the fragrance of wild thyme, a few steps more and you will see the turquoise sea. Here, you may enjoy a short rest. We continue uphill, through a light stone pine forest, catching a view of the snowcapped Tahtali. Again, the trail runs downhill, into the bed of a brook with mossy green stones, then gradually approaching our goal across rocks. Once arrived on the top we are rewarded for our climbing effort with a really breathtaking panoramic view of Kemer, the coastline up to Antalya and, before us, the high mountains of the Kesme canyon. Up here, you also will discover the remains of an ancient fortification.
Hiking time including breaks 3.5 hours.



Starting at Karaöz, we drive a short distance above the coast; where a narrow way branches off from the broad path through the forest we leave the bus. First of all, we take a deep breath and enjoy the superb view of the sea. Then we wander downhill to the sea until we reach the ancient city of Melanippe where remains of Roman and Byzantine walls give a testimony of the early utilization of this small dreamlike bay. We continue over soft forest soil until we arrive at the lighthouse.
Hiking time including breaks about 4.5 hours.



This trail leads you around the village of Göynük. Leaving the hotel you will walk a distance along the road towards Kemer and soon enter a small forest. In the month of November, the cyclamen will flower here covering the entire forest soil with a carpet of violet blossoms.
Hiking time including breaks about 2.5 hours


Kepez Patika

This hiking trail leads you from Göynük through the forest to a rock offering a superb view. In the light forest you will wander uphill. Every now and then you will enjoy a free outlook over the extended coastline. The landscape below is like a kaleidoscope of green forest, azure sea, and a unique bay. On your way, on the stone pine trees, you can see the fishbone patterns carved into the bark by resin collectors. The path will ascend more steeply and the forest will become lighter. You can see the impressive mountains and, farther along on the hiking trail, during a short rest, you can overlook the coastline up to Kemer. At your left, a deep gorge; – the trail passes two little dens blackened by smoke and, now and then, allows a free view of the green roof of the forest. You will hardly believe that this valley, so easy to be wandered through, is the continuation of the canyon which, only a few minutes ago, would have presented itself as one being so insuperably deep and dramatic. We reach the end of the trail at a lovely situated rocky projection. From up here, 450 ms above sea level, you will enjoy a fine view of Göynük.

Hiking time 4 hours.



Undemanding hike along a coastal path above the bay of Adrasan. You start at the southern rim of the bay, ascending over a short distance to the trail running through the stone pine forest, high above the sea. Here, in the forest, at the beginning of the year you can see the first blossoms of the little wild tulip, the heraldic flower of Turkey. The mountains make for a protecting ring around the bay, the most prominent being the steeply erecting Musa Dag (Mount Moses). Following a bend you will see your goal, standing on a cliff – it is a lighthouse. Following a rest at the lighthouse we return on our same way. Adrasen displays the charms of the plain and simple and unfinished, alike many a small coastal village.
Hiking time 2.5 hours.


Beycik und Ulupinar

Beycik is a mountain village situated on a plateau. During the summer months the inhabitants of the
coastal region are attracted by the cooler plateau. The Tahtali is the most prominent summit of the
entire Beydaglari mountain range. It appears proud and challenging, irrefutable by history. Leaving
the village, the trail lightly ascends – from up here you will have a view even of the sea. The trail
before you is clear to see, which allows you to enjoy to the full the constantly varying natural beauties. Looking back, you see the majestically erecting snowcapped Tahtali. Down below, you cross the coastal road and, farther along, over abandoned terrace fields, you arrive at last at Ulupinar. In this village, spring water is abundantly flowing and thus offering ideal conditions to the fish-farming companies. Everywhere you will have an opportunity to enjoy fresh trout.
Hiking time including breaks about 4 hours



The hike begins in the holiday resort of Tekirova. From the very first minute you are passing through a beautiful landscape with a view of the coast. Farther along on the trail, every now and then you will see the summit of the Tahtali with its mountain station. On the right hand, there is the bed of the brook Karacay whose water has washed out a deep gorge here. Waterfalls precipitate over gigantic stones into the bed of the brook, making for little lakes. Under high temperature conditions you will like to descend and dip your feet into the cool water. The ascending effort is greatly rewarded with a superb view of the coast (at 400 ms above sea level), the three islands before Tekirova, and the ancient city of Phaselis. Following an extended rest we head back.

Hiking time including break 4 hours.



Termessos is one of the most attractive ancient places in Turkey. If ever ruins should be breathtaking, then certainly those of Termessos are. Situated at 1,000 metres above sea level, they are surrounded by the Taurus mountains. In the year 334 B.C. Alexander the Great intended to seize the city: yet he failed to do so. Termessos was the only city of the entire Asia Minor to successfully withstand any conquering attempt.Starting at the parking lot we walk on a well-built circular hiking trail to the very city centre, at first ascending steadily, yet not steeply. Thus, our Termessos sightseeing tour gives you, at the same time, the opportunity of a beautiful and undemanding stroll of about two to three hours.The situation of the theatre is impressive. Let your gaze wander freely from the row of stone seats to the mountains and even to the sea.
Termessos is situated at 40 kms northwest of Antalya.



The hike starts in the village of Beldibi. While ascending, every now and then you will have a view of the coast. Following a short rest you continue uphill until you reach the forest. Soon you will enjoy marvellous views of Antalya. The trail now runs above the road between Antalya and Kemer.
Hiking time including breaks 5.5 hours.