Guide Service and Special Sightseeing Tips

Guide Service at the Hotel Matador, Göynük – personal and of the highest quality. Guide Mr. Özer is a trilingual certified travel expert. He wears the badge of the „Turizm Rehberligi“ – the renowned Turkish Guide Society – with pride and is looking forward to letting you in on the secrets of the environment.

At the Hotel Matador, each and every of your wishes will be fulfilled.

Guide Mr. Özer is familiar with the hotel and its environment like no other one. He regularly participates in guide seminaries and with pleasure will convey the best recommendations to you. Again, he would like to give tips from those in the know as regards special sights to see in Antalya. The team around Mr. Özer will make every effort to fulfill any of your wishes, however unusual they may be. They have already accomplished many an extraordinary task, for example providing a numismatic with a particular coin. Our guide invites you to become familiar with the Lycic coast, all its museums, ancient historic places, and interesting hiking trails and has adequate inside tips for every season in store for you.

Waterfalls around Antalya


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The Düden falls are a popular goal of excursions to the neighbourhood of Antalya. Over a width of 20 metres the water falls about 15 metres deep. In spring, after the thaw has set in, the waterfalls are particularly impressive. In summer, it occasionally occurs that the river runs dry. The upper falls are situated within a small park where, in the meantime, assiduously hotels are being erected. For a small fee, you are admitted into the lovely park.The lower Düden falls are situated at about 10 kms east of Antalya, near Lara. They are adjacent to the sea and can be visited from a cruising boat.

Kurşunlu Waterfalls

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The Kursunlu falls are even somewhat higher than the Düden falls – but they are situated at about 40 kms northeast of Antalya, near the ancient ruin city of Perge. Starting at Antalya, the Kursunlu falls can comfortably be visited during a one-day excursion. In the immediate vicinity of the falls there are many tourists; yet, the parklike garden gives you the opportunity to take almost undisturbed walks. The water masses are not as gigantic as those of the Düden falls – but this visiting place is clearly less overcrowded. Again, the green area is much more natural and there is a sumptuou flora, and fauna: here, turtoises and trout as well as many species of birds are romping about.


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The Gülver Canyon is situated west of Antalya. Standing on either of two somewhat rickety lookout platforms you will enjoy a magnificent view of the canyon, distant Antalya, and the Mediterranean Sea. You will have the opportunity to wander and walk about in the park. There are even game preserves. In summer, the canyon is a popular destination for the inhabitants of Antalya and accordingly overrun.

Göynük Canyon

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The Göynük Canyon is situated between Beldibi and Göynük. It once was an oasis of tranquility and an inside tip. Yet, due to the establishment of the Eco Fun Adventure Park, any tranquility whatsoever has vanished in the meantime. There are a forest tightrope garden, quad courses, a zip wire course (a breakneck run over 400 metres on a steel rope), and many other activity features. The canyon itself can only be reached on a brisk hike of 45 minutes. In order to get into the canyon you will have to walk into icy water. In summer, neoprene suits are rented out against a fee of 15 EUR. Before you can really enter the canyon you will have to wade throught the cold water. The level of its surface oscillates between shallow and waist-high, depending on season and weather conditions. During and after heavy rainfall there is a risk of death.

Manavgat Waterfalls

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The Great Waterfall (Büyük Selale) – situated inland at a distance of about 6 kms from the centre of Manavgat – represents an almost mandatory part of your sightseeing programme when visiting the Greater Side. Although somewhat overpriced, you will have an opportunity there to enjoy – in an idyllic place, under shady trees – fresh trout, particularly as these fish almost jump out of the river
and onto your plate.The waterfall is a convenient place to be visited by persons suffering from respiratory diseases. The waterfall, and any of the neighbouring facilities, are all approachable at ground level.